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Small dog breeds

The maximum shoulder height of small dog breeds is up to 39cm. There are about 80 different types of small dogs. The most popular are Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier, Papillon, Dachshund and many more.
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On the way with small dog breeds

Want to take your small dog to hotels or restaurants? Please ask in advance if this is really allowed. The same applies if you are travelling with your small dog on public transport. Because in many cities it is compulsory to muzzle your dog in public transport. Of course, a Chihuahua is easier to carry on your arm than a Labrador when you have to go fast. But the muzzle is still compulsory for all dog breeds on public transport.

Of course, small dog breeds also need sufficient exercise, just like medium-sized and large dog breeds. Especially terriers and dachshunds are still often used for hunting. They have a pronounced urge to be active. The advantage of this is that these dog breeds are particularly enthusiastic about dog sports. And so can be trained very well in several courses.


Every dog, big or small, needs some basic gear. Starting with a dog bed, a food bowl, a leash, a collar and a muzzle. In addition, there are food, insurance and veterinary costs. Depending on the specific requirements of each breed, no blanket statement can be made that small dogs are cheaper than larger breeds.


For almost all animals, the bigger they are, the longer they live. Unfortunately not so with dogs. Because small dog breeds live longer than larger dog breeds. Researchers have found that this may be due to their rapid growth. This fast growth of the larger dog breeds leads to a faster metabolism. In turn this leads to oxidative stress, which permanently damages the cells of the dogs. Already at a young age and thus shortens their lifespan.


It is safe to assume that a small dog needs to be educated just as well as any larger dog. While there are distinctive breed-specific differences, all dogs need education. Every dog should know the basic signals and be able to follow them. This strengthens the bond with to their owner a lot.

Space for small dog breeds

A small dog of course needs less space - whether in the flat or in the car. Also, the dog bed, blanket, muzzle or collar must be smaller than for larger dog breeds.

Health of small dog breeds

Small dog breeds generally live longer than medium-sized and large dog breeds. It cannot be said across the board that small dog breeds are more robust as a result. Patellar luxation, tartar build-up and other dental problems are common complaints, but hip problems and arthritis can also occur. This is due to the fact that their small size has been specially bred. So these problems are closely related to their physical structure.

Small dog breeds

Which muzzle is best for a small dog breeds?


A BUMAS muzzle gives your small dog enough room to pant and drink. Due to the ergonomic fit and the custom-made design, your small dog wears the muzzle like a human wears glasses on the nose. An original BUMAS protects without disturbing.


You order your custom made BUMAS muzzle tailored to the needs and character of your small dog. This guarantees your pup the best fit and comfort.


You can choose from a wide range of colours for your custom made BUMAS muzzle and combine different colours. There are also many options to match the BUMAS muzzle to your dog's character and nature.

Small dogs – big hearts

small dag breeds chihuahua


The Chihuahua is a devoted, lively, focused, brave and alert dog with a life expectancy of 12-20 years. He can reach a shoulder height of 25 centimetres in individual cases, with the average being 15-22 centimetres. Chihuahuas can have different coat colours from black, white, fawn, cream or chocolate brown to golden. At 1.5 to 3kg, it is a flyweight.

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The Maltese is unmistakable because of his white coat. Originating from Malta, the dog can live up to 15 years and weigh up to 4kg. He is a particularly bright and spirited dog who likes to be in company. At the same time, he is affectionate and cuddly. A Maltese can grow up to 25cm tall.

Small dog breeds Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier comes from England and is intelligent, fearless, independent, self-confident and brave. He wants to be taken seriously as a dog.His coat is not just one colour. From blue and tan to black and tan, to gold and white, everything is there. And it needs special care, as he picks up everything with his long hair. The Yorkshire Terrier can live up to 16 years, weigh 3.2 kilos and grow 18 to 23cm tall.